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  • I. Smoly, H. Elbaz, C. Engelen, G. Elbaz, G. Ben-Ari, A. Samach and T. Friedlander  “Olive Flowering dependence on winter temperatures - linking empirical results to a dynamic model”, in preparation.

  • C. Engelen*, T. Wechsler*, O. Bakhshian*, I. Smoly, I. Flaks, T. Friedlander, G. Ben-Ari, A. Samach, "Unraveling the Impact of different temperatures on the accumulation of chilling units required for olive winter flower induction", submitted.

Peer-reviewed journals


  • “Decoding algorithms for LDPC codes transmitted over channels with ISI”, Advisor: Prof. David Burshtein, Tel-Aviv University, June 2002.

  • “Protein distributions and their role in cell population functionality”, Advisors: Prof. Naama Brenner and Prof. Erez Braun, Technion, Oct. 2010. 

Conference Proceedings

  • T. Friedlander, R. Prizak, C. Guet. N. Barton and G. Tkacik, “Intrinsic limits to gene regulation by global crosstalk”, Proceedings of The 10th q-bio conference, Nashville Tennessee, July 2016.

  • T. Friedlander, A. E.  Mayo and U. Alon, "Multiplicative mutations, sparseness and modularity in biological systems", Proceedings of The 6th q-bio conference, Santa Fe New-Mexico, Aug. 2012.

  • T. Friedlander and N. Brenner, "Adaptive response and background signal compensation", Proceedings of The 4th q-bio conference on cellular information processing, Santa Fe New-Mexico, Aug. 2010.

  • T. Friedlander and N. Brenner, "Adaptation by State-Dependent Inactivation", Proceedings of The 3rd q-bio conference on cellular information processing, Santa Fe New-Mexico, Aug. 2009.

  • T. Friedlander and D. Burshtein, "Decoding Algorithms for LDPC Codes Transmitted Over Channels with ISI", Proceedings of the 22nd convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel, p. 268, Dec. 2002.

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