We are an inter-disciplinary lab. We use methods borrowed from exact sciences to address fundamental questions in biology. We are seeking highly-motivated, curious and creative MSc, PhD and post-docs candidates. Applicants should have good quantitative skills and knowledge of a programming language. 

Applicants should have a prior degree in either mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering, or another related field. Prior knowledge in biology (formal or informal) is an advantage, but not a must. 

The proposed research will study the evolution of “self-incompatibility”: a genomic mechanism plants have evolved to avoid self-fertilization. The research will use a variety of tools, such as: mathematical modeling, computer simulations and genomic data analysis. The precise project will be determined together with the candidate.

Interested? Email Tamar. tamar.friedlander@mail.huji.ac.il 
Please also send your CV and briefly explain why you are interested in the lab.


Interested, but unsure? feel free to contact Tamar for further information.