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My academic background is highly diverse. I started my academic career in the fields of Physics and Mathematics acquiring my Bachelor’s degree in “Talpiot” program in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During my M.Sc. studies in Electrical Engineering in Tel-Aviv University, I studied state-of-the-art error correcting codes used in digital communication and graduated Magna cum Laude.


Upon completion of my thesis I was intrigued by the enormous complexity and many open questions posed by biological systems and turned to study theoretical biophysics, in the Network Biology Research laboratory at the Technion with Prof. Naama Brenner and Prof. Erez Braun. Later on, I continued to a first post-doc in Prof.  Uri Alon’s lab at the Weizmann Institute, and then a second post-doc in IST Austria where I was hosted by Profs. Gašper Tkačik, Nick Barton and Călin Guet.

Since Oct. 2017 I am a faculty in the Plant sciences and Genetics Institute in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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